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Happy New Year everybody.
And a happy new year everybody
Pokemon Ulta Sun and Ulta Moon coming out worldwide is just around the corner. So now the request are closed and I won't be taking anymore for a while I am playing the game.  

I am now closed for requests. Since I already got so many requests to do. Also I am going to put the requests, I haven't done yet, on hold while I draw some halloween pics and played Team Fortress 2 halloween mode later this month. Plus I might drop some requests to shorten down my to do list. This is because I wanting it all done before Pokemon Ulta Sun and Ulta Moon comes out next month. So I will be saying sorry now for any requests I might decide to drop.

On a lighter note I am now opening a Halloween contest. Starting now until 31th October you can draw a halloween pictures that my characters in them   Members of the Nightmarercons by Power1x Chaos En-Forcer's Members  Bio by Power1x, Metal girl Bounty hunters bio by Power1x or do a TF halloween comics in these styles  Request Spy Zombies by Power1x, Request Mummy Control 2 by Power1x, Request Even more bug TF by Power1x, Request Vampire that Sparkle by Power1x, Art Trade sinako777 5 by Power1x, Request Funny Ballerina by Power1x, Request Honest and Kind Planteons by Power1x.   At the end of the mouth the winner will get one halloween request from me that I will do right away.

So let the haunted drawing begin.
Requests are now closed until 31th July. This is because I am going on holiday from the 22th to 29th July.

So if you want a request just leave it the comments below this journal and I will get on when I reopen requests.
My birthday is next week on the 20th June.

So if anyone want to draw a picture or story gift with  my characters for me you can.

Good guy characters:

Chaos En-Forcer's Members  Bio by Power1x    Metal girl Bounty hunters bio by Power1x

Bad guy characters:

Members of the Nightmarercons by Power1x
I am back and requests are open again.
I will be off on holiday tomorrow and won't be back until next week. So requests are closed and the ones I accepted to do are going to be put on hold until I get back.
Now that New year day is over it's back to taking drawing request and commission as normal while playing pokemon sun and moon.
Happy new year everybody.
I am doing request again and doing art trade as well. I also have the right say no to a request or trade if I don't want to do it or if it's too hard for me to do.
I am taking a long break from doing requests. I will post another journal when I am ready to do more requests again.
The titles said it all.

Keep in mind I might say no if I think the request would be too to draw.
I going to London Comic-con as Deadpool tomorrow.
SelinaEterna  is planning to host a contest raffle soon.  The prizes will involve a lucky 'Donator gaining 3 months Premium membership' (Or a month if they are lucky). But she a few points short of 639 for a 3 months Premium membership. And she needs help so she can give someone Premium membership by this contest.
The title said it all
I am going on holiday tomorrow so I will not be back till next Monday after. ^^
The tile says it all.
Since I am still writing chapter 1 of Dark Magic attack displace fic I was thinking I could do another one. I got three characters in mind but I don't which one I should do. 

Blackwargreymon from Digimon

Dr Eggman from Sonic the hedgehog

Mask from The Mask

Which one do you guy I should do?